The Second generation Mbox is coming soon…

MBOX 2ND GEN MOSQUITOTRAP - The Second generation Mbox is coming soon...

After our Kickstarter we will be launching our second generation of the MBOX.

So many people have asked us what changes we made to be able to develop a second generation?
We will be explaining everything and all the changes:

  • We added a USB 3.0 Quick Charge to charge your Smart ware.
  • There is no more on/off button on the MBOX.

The main reason for adding the USB is not something added as a gimmick.
We have thought of many ways to increase the heat generation to attract mosquito’s the MBOX. We encountered that if we wanted to add heat generation it would generate a lot of waste energy.

One night at home one of our colleagues told us he saw a mosquito on his phone while it was charging. We know that our phones get extra heat generation while it is charging up and the adapter also gets heated up, so we added a USB charging onto our Mosquito Box to generate the extra heat without any the waste of energy and heat.

  • The normal heat you would generate from a USB charger is implemented in the MBOX.
  • The MBOX uses the heat to generate even more attraction.
  • Your phone is getting charged.
  • Phones also carry our personal odor and this also increases the attraction.

On/Off button

The main reason was that more and more people are getting smart devices for their homes.

Devices that needed to be turned on/off by hand are not that handy. Since we have tried to hook up our First Generation MBOX into a smart system and discovered that we could not use it, every time you put power on/off on your smartphone the MBOX still needs to be turned on manually by pressing the button on top. After actual usage we noticed we prefer to keep our MBOX turned on to catch all the mosquitos and so we decided to remove the on/off button and replaced it so that the MBOX gets turned on when it is plugged into your power network.

  • No more On/Off button. (can be combined with your smart home/plug)
  • You can easily turn it on/off with your smartphone.
  • Less mechanics = less chance on malfunction.

So we are proudly to present you our Second Generation Mosquito Box.

  • Charge up your Phone
  • Added Heat Attraction
  • Smart Home Capability

Coming Soon!

reliang 1 - The Second generation Mbox is coming soon...

zhineng 1 - The Second generation Mbox is coming soon...

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