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More Mosquito trap review?

When you buy a mosquito net, you are investing in the comfort and safety of your home.And, like any investment, you should carefully consider, then decide how to spend it.

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You will learn, not all the mosquito traps are equal.Most will attract and kill some mosquitoes.But only a few can consistently, at the right price, and to a certain size, will help to clean up your yard biting insects.Luckily, scientists have to test these machines, to show which machines in the best case performance is best.Noted entomologist, QM co., LTD MBOX mosquito traps revealed that this machine can capture and kill thousands of insects in one night.According to the interest rate, only about two months time to destroy the local mosquito.

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But no matter how impressive the test results, you need to know a thing about the mosquito traps.No matter what brand or how effective, mosquito traps mosquitoes cannot solve all your problems.The best mosquito control plan with the comprehensive method, which means that reduce mosquito breeding sites and use effective capture device.

Due to the global influence of the Internet, you can see the customers around the world have to say they buy nets.Let’s take a look at is usually sold to several top brand of home use mosquito nets, and according to the test results, the reliability and ease of use of these brands.

The main brand of mosquitoes

When you start looking for a mosquito traps, you may find that a few companies on the market most business trap.


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1. Koolatron™ – (formerly Lentek™ International Inc.) In 2003, Koolatron purchased the business assets of Lentek International Inc., and took over the company. Made in Canada, the company currently produces four mosquito traps including the Bite Shield Guardian Pro (MK14), Bite Shield Guardian (MK12), Bite Shield Champion (MK05) and Bite Shield Protector (MK06). The Bite Shield Guardian Pro is cordless and requires batteries to initially power up the trap while the Bite Shield Guardian is corded. They both burn propane to produce CO2 and utilize other attractants including moisture, thermal imaging and optional Octenol cartridges. The Bite Shield Champion and Bite Shield Protector are both corded electric traps and use Octenol cartridges, heat and a lighting array. In addition to other attractants (Octenol, UV Light) the manufacturers claim the Bite Shield Protector produces CO2 to attract mosquitoes by way of a TiO2 coated UV tube which produces a photo-catalyst reaction.

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2. Mega-Catch™

– Made by EnviroSafe Technologies International Ltd. A very popular line of traps that includes four models; the Alpha, Premier, Premier XC and Ultra. These traps combine multiple attractants, run off safe 12 Volt power and rely on an integrated lighting display, infrared heat and bait strips to attract mosquitoes. The Ultra and Premier XC models can also use Carbon Dioxide (CO2). The company’s flagship Ultra Trap is their CO2 ready Trap – it just needs to be hooked up to a CO2 cylinder. However, a nifty bit of DIY technology from the company, is an after market CO2 upgrade kit for the Premier XC trap. When installed it essentially converts the trap to the same specifications and capabilities as the Ultra Trap allowing it to be connected to a CO2 cylinder.

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3. Mosquito Magnet®

– This brand now consists of the Commander, Executive, Independence, and new for 2016, the Patriot Plus. Earlier models which included the Defender, Pro and Liberty, attracted a number of poor reviews from customers indicating problems with start up, and propane blockage/clogging issues. The traps use CO2 together with secondary attractants in the form of Octenol or Lurex cartridges. Although some models are battery powered or electric, they all burn propane to produce CO2. Created by American Biophysics Corp., when the company went into receivership in 2006, Woodstream Corporation purchased its assets. However, it has lots of peoblems too. For example, a review quoted from Amazon “The contraption never worked. Bought one and it never start the fan nor reached the required temperature. Returned it in exchange of another one because I really wanted one (based on the YouTube videos it was supposed to be amazing) but again It didn’t start the fan nor reached the temperate. My husband spend an entire day trying to get a propane tank with specifications (among other things) given to us by the Mosquito Magnet costumer support and nothing. A HUGE waste of money. We live in Puerto Rico and sending back two of those monstrosities was very expensive and Amazon also charged me for restocking. At the end of the day I spend almost $200 on fees and postal and never killed one single mosquito.’

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4. Dragonfly II – Developed by BioSensory Inc. The company was established in 1996 to research better attractants for biting insects and is one of the leading manufacturers of biting insect lures. Mega-Catch and Koolatron both use BioSensory Octenol attractant lures in their mosquito traps. The Dragonfly II biting insect trap, is an electric trap that also uses CO2 from small canisters, along with infrared heat, a night light and attractant lures. The Dragonfly II is programmable with 8 operating modes and the CO2, which is optional, is released in pulses every 5 seconds. In 2009 the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) announced a voluntary recall of the Dragonfly II mosquito trap. The company and the CPSC said that the “carbon dioxide (CO2) pressure sensors inside these products can crack and leak or burst, causing the release of CO2. The Dragonfly II is currently unavailable however, according to the company’s website, the latest version is currently in design.

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5. Skeetervac® by Blue Rhino is part of Ferrellgas®.

In addition to mosquito traps, the company designs and markets other outdoor appliances including BBQ grills and outdoor heaters. SkeeterVac traps are self powered i.e. they don’t require mains power. As with the Mosquito Magnet, the SkeeterVac traps combust propane to produce CO2. SkeeterVac also use “FineTune” Octenol bait chips or bait blocks as an additional attractant.

6. MBOX Mosquito Trap Developed by QM Limited.

MBOX uses a new and highly effective method to catch mosquitoes. First we have to understand that only female mosquitoes need blood (protein) in order to lay eggs. Female mosquitoes track their victim through CO2 up to a range of 50meters, combined with the sense of smell of H2O, female mosquitoes are very effective in tracking their victim. MBOX uses a new method developed by Akira Fujishima (President of the Tokyo University of Science), this method uses photo catalysis of titanium dioxide (also known as the Honda-Fujishima Effect). When a titanium dioxide surface is irradiated by light, the photo catalytic effect and hydrophilic are activated together. Any organic chemical in contact with the surface will undergo decomposition to CO2 and H2O and thus releasing a highly attractive smell for female mosquitoes. Once close enough the near-silent fan(less than 29db) of the MBOX sucks in the mosquito and prevent it from escaping. Because of the near-silent design the MBOX can be placed anywhere without any harm to its environment, like a baby room/bed room/living room etc.

7.Dynatrap® DT1000.

DynaSeal, Inc. introduced the Dynatrap® DT1000 in May 2006 which they have now followed up with a number of traps including the heavy duty DT 2000XL. There are now 9 traps in the range including the DT1100 which in 2012 comes in a range of designer colors including blue, bronze and green!! We found mixed reviews for the black version of this trap on Amazon. “We used it 24 hours a day for over a week and all it caught were moths. It did not attract mosquiteos in the evening and it did not attract the yellowjackets.”

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8.Dynatrap® DT2000XL

“Had great hopes for this device. Turned it on and the bulbs that were provided burned out after 2 days which is not very good given the fact that they tell you to turn on the device and leave it on all summer. Had to order back up bulbs and they have lasted almost 3 weeks now. The problem I am having is that this product does not seem to catch mosquitoes. When I check the basket below I have lots of moths and other bugs but no mosquitoes.”

9. Ylovetoys Solar Bug Zapper

Perfectly riding the eco-friendly sustainable-power global trend this Ylovetoys Solar Bug Zapper kills the mosquito with a high voltage shock and can be wall mounted or staked into your lawn (so versatile!). This feature rich electric mosquito trap is chemical and insecticide free and is recommended for acre (2023,43 m2) outdoor use only. It uses state-of-the art solar panels that quickly provide an all-night battery powered operation. We love the USB functionality for indoor charging. The pricing is incredibly reasonable and since it runs on solar energy (your source of infinite energy) your utility bill wont be affected.  http://mbox-qm.com9 - Premier Mosquito Traps Reviews


10.Flowtron BK-40D Electronic Insect Killer

The patented non-clogging killing grid is a definite bonus and given the vintage lantern design, the Flowtron BK-40D Electronic Insect Killer promises a user friendly, stylish experience. For outdoor use specifically, the manufacturers (and we believe them) promise continuous uninterrupted operation at the flick of a switch. The specs are impressive with a 40-watt (most of them are) powered killing zone of an acre (4046,86 m2). The family environmentally conscious guy or gal can rest assured that its strong protective case is impenetrable by kids, pets or unsuspecting wildlife.

What is your favorite implementation choice?

Whether it is in the core of the operation or within the core of operation, will they (chemical, light, heat and wind) draw up, then chuck is biting, until it hurt (electricity, hunger or poison).When you select the electric mosquito nets, you basically have three choices, namely an electric shock, dehydration and poisoning.If you ask me, I want to say I prefer MBOX mosquito traps.

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