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Mosquitos are some of the most bothersome flying pests and can drive you indoors, when you would otherwise be enjoying the deck or patio during the warmer months. Taking care of these pesky creatures can be a challenge. There are many chemical products available that kill mosquitos but they return as fast as they are killed. Then there is the matter of the chemicals used and their impact on children and pets enjoying the yard.

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Mosquito traps are the ultimate weapon for mosquito control because they interrupt the breeding cycle by trapping and killing large quantities of female mosquitoes before they lay more eggs. Our Mosquito Trap Reviews are based on our personal use of each product and our customer’s satisfaction with them. The review rating stars are calculated from actual customer reviews which you can read by clicking on the “Read All Mosquito Trap Reviews” below the rating stars. When you purchase a mosquito trap you are taking the first step in your overall mosquito control efforts.


Different brands of mosquito traps such as the SkeeterVac, Mosquito Magnet and other brands use various trapping techniques, provide different coverage areas, and use different lures to attract certain species of mosquitoes. Read our Mosquito Trap Reviews below to find the best mosquito trap. Our mosquito trap reviews are organized with the best choices at the top.

We have evaluated and selected products that produce environmentally friendly options and provide long term relief from these obnoxious insects.

3 1 - Mosquito Trap Reviews


  1. QM MBOX Mosquito Trap85 Points
  • Features: Slient, Good Appearance, Easy to Clean, High Effiency
  • “I bought this product for a fruit fly problem, a problem that has almost been eradicated due to this item, the item comes well packaged and couldn’t be any easier to set up, the product in question gives of no odor and runs at nearly inaudible volume, after the first day of use upon inspection, there were more fruit flies than I could or would care to count in the lower unit, I am very pleased with my purchased, and would recommend this product to any one having pesky insect issues in their home.”

2 1 - Mosquito Trap Reviews

  • “I’ve had this for many months/. It works great!! Even in the winter here in Oklahoma (lots of consecutive days below freezing) it traps lots of bugs. When the basket gets full, I feed them to our chickens. It has to be cleaned occassionally because otherwise the fan slows down and even stops. I plan to buy the bigger IT04 to put in outside.”
  • “The trap has been amazing. I live in South Florida and our house was always full of mosquitoes. The trap caught about 40 mosquitoes after the first day. The attached pictures are exactly after one week. The trap doesn’t catch all mosquitoes but it catch 95%. I still get bit by a mosquito but it’s maybe once every week so it’s not that bad.”

5 1 - Mosquito Trap Reviews

  • “It has killer hundreds of flies, gnats, moths and who knows what else this summer. We don’t have mosquitoes here in the desert, or it would most likely do a number on them, too. Very pleased. We’ve had a very pleasant bug-free spring, summer and fall.’


  • “What can i say other than this technology works best!! I live where biting flies, gnats, and mosquitoes are a constant problem. Every time I go outside around my yard or front door, I am almost never without at least one bite (not to mention coming inside the house) This thing may seem so fashion, and IT WORKS!”

4 1 - Mosquito Trap Reviews

  • “I rarely give 5 stars but if this keeps working as well as it has out of the box, this summer should have a lot less pesky bugs flying around our back porch on those warm, summer nights. I purchased the mbox because it was actually effective for my particular use.”
  • “I hate mosquitoes. They know I hate them and always go after me first. If there were 20 people in a group, you can bet the farm that they went after me. With this here device, I can have hours of enjoyment watching them die in a glorious flash. Thank God.”

6 1 - Mosquito Trap Reviews

  • “Ok…So I seldom (I mean NEVER) write reviews about a product, but this is a must BUY if you have any insect or bug problems. FORGET about the other products because they cannot compare to this one. So I have an annoying bug problem, especially at night and in the fall, so I bought this product to place outside. It worked fine (I believe as I never really saw it in action). Then I noticed that as the bug population around my one window dropped, the flying insects inside multiplied.”


  • “Bought this after reading other favorable reviews. I use it in my large barn/hanger/workshop on our farm in Montana where we have more flies than mosquitos. It really works well when attractant is used.”

8 1 - Mosquito Trap Reviews

  • “My MBOX started working almost immediately after I first set it up and turned it on. Kills lots of mosquitoes, great job!!!!!!!!”


  • “I had three Mosquito Magnets that worked well for a few months but nothing like this MBOX. There are more mosquitos being eliminated by this is one hour than my Mosquito Magnets did in three months without the hassle of propane cans and unreliable working parts that didn’t function after a few months. I estimate that this MBOX unit is eliminating 20 mosquitos per minute. This is an amazing product, far superior to the mosquito magnet, and it costs a fraction of the price.”

9 1 - Mosquito Trap Reviews

  • “I bought 2 of these and they are killing tons of bugs and I do not have a problem with the cleaning up with dead bugs. This is a great zapper.”
  1. Mosquito Magnet MM4200 Patriot Plus Mosquito Trap76 Points

11 - Mosquito Trap Reviews

  • Features: Expensive, Difficult Operation,

Difficult to Clean, Disgraceful

  • “The Good- It seemed to catch mosquitoes!

The Bad- It stopped working on the SECOND tank of propane with a “thermistor fault”. About 30-40 days since running it, outside the Amazon return window.Mosquito Magnet Company- get your hardware problems sorted out! You have a product that works, WHEN IT WILL RUN… which it doesn’t seem to do very well. A big “Sheesh!” for this thing failing so quickly.

(And I was not abusing it. I found a nice shady spot, followed instructions, performed maintenance at the tank change, etc.)”

  • “So far still not happy with my results on catching Mosquito’s yet…We are still getting eaten alive and the unit after 4 weeks maybe caught 30 to 40 bugs.. we’ll see. It just started getting cold here in Phoenix area.”
  • “Bottom line: it works. Is it the best product, or at least what it should be for its expense? No. It is a large device but it does blend in well in most outdoor settings…and if anyone cares to bring up why such a thing is in your outdoor living area (and assuming you don’t escort them out for asking such a rude question!), ask them in turn if it’s occurred to them that they’re not swatting mosquitoes from their faces. It is also extremely quiet (perhaps too quiet, for reasons yet to come) and if you stand nearby, the rather sweet aroma of the propane is apparent.”


  1. Hausbell Nontoxic Mosquito Trap Non-Chemical Flies Killer Mosquito Inhaler Auto On and Off With Light Sensor – 60 Points12 - Mosquito Trap Reviews
  • Features: Disgraceful, Low Effiency


  • “Well the product works meaning it turns on when the lights go out, the light seems plenty bright enough and the fan spins. However, I don’t really know how effective this product is. I’ve let it run for several weeks now and it’s caught 2 mosquitoes and 1 moth. That would be great if that is all that were in my house but it isn’t. The mosquitoes are going away on their own now that its getting chilly but in these past few weeks I have had several months fly around and not end up in this at night.I am not sure if other lights coming through windows or from electronic devices are enough to distract the bugs from going towards this or if this light simply isn’t that good at attracting bugs, but whatever the case may be I had higher hopes for what it would do than what it has done.”
  • “The fan & light aren’t so bothersome that you couldn’t sleep with it on in your bedroom. I run it in the dark with the door closed for a few hours before bed and then turn it off at bedtime, in hopes that any mosquitos will go in it. But I opened after a week the chamber and saw nothing. This was after being eaten alive one night which prompted me to order this. Either there were no mosquitos in my home or they aren’t going into the chamber. I did see a tiny moth in it so bugs are attracted. I also noticed the air vent holes are definitely big enough for a mosquito to crawl out of if it were in the chamber.”
  • “If it runs for a week and kills 100 bugs, out of those 100 bugs 2 would be mosquitos. Still glad to get rid of as many pesky bugs as possible but the mosquitos seem to be smarter than this.”


  1. Flowtron BK-15D Electronic Insect Killer, 1/2 Acre Coverage – 70 Points13 - Mosquito Trap Reviews
  • Features: Disgraceful, Low Effiency, Noisy, Difficult to Clean, Bad Quality of Lighting


  • “I liked this bug killer. It did a great job on the bugs, but I have 3 complaints. It needs to be in a place where you don’t have to constantly clean under it, or you need a tray or something to keep the mess off your concrete, or sweep daily. It’s also not the easiest thing to clean. The other complaint is it lasted one season and didn’t come with replacement bulbs, and I think that may be why it didn’t turn back on. The bulbs aren’t cheap, so it would be nice to have one replacement set.”
  • “Some of the newer ones come with those. The last thing is the very short connection cord. That may or may not be an issue depending on where you need to put it. My husband hung it under an eave so it was fairly protected and the bugs drop right onto the ground, but I would like to have used it on my porch, so it would have been nice to be able to place it on a stand or hang it. It would be great in the corner of my porch where I have the most problem with flies and mosquitoes bothering us. The flies tend to cluster on my picture window making a huge mess, and it doesn’t seem to draw them away enough if I try to use it farther away. Does a good job on wasps too, but does tend to cook/fry the bigger bugs! Maybe something stronger would Zap them instead! It can smell kind of bad when they fry.”


  1. Dynatrap Ultralight Insect and Mosquito Trap65 Points14 - Mosquito Trap Reviews
  • Features: Disgraceful, Low Effiency, Too Small


“It works but it’s louder than I was expecting, like an old computer fan running at full speed. When the TV is on or anything else that makes noise you can’t hear it but during the quiet times this is noticeable. I got this to replace an indoor bug zapper which is silent 99.9% of the time but the zap when it kills a bug is startlingly loud. I put that on a timer to only run at night which solved most of my problem. Unfortunately this fan based solution can’t be put on a timer or the bugs would escape so it’s all or nothing. It is catching roughly the same number of bugs but I’m still looking for a way to reduce the noise. Most likely it’ll end up in a corner where it’s less effective but a bit less noticeable.”

  • “It didn’t seem to attract the Asian beetles we had flying around our lake home, but I got this late in the “season.” I’ll try it again next year when they’re at their worst and hopefully it catches more.”


  1. Dynatrap DT2000XL Insect Trap, 1-Acre – 67 Points15 - Mosquito Trap Reviews
  • Features: Disgraceful, Low Effiency, Too Big, Difficult To Clean
  • “The quality and price are good. It needs little attention. But I had bought it mainly for mosquitos and they were not eliminated.”
  • “It worked great in the beginning but it seemed the bugs weren’t attracted to the light after awhile. My bug zapper seems to work better.”
  • “Doesn’t get rid of enough mosquitoes to go without bug spray, but it helps somewhat…”

After compare with these mosquito traps, I think you already have idea about which sould you choose.

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