How to Fight the midges in Summer

It is, more or less, summer and there are holidays to plan. Unfortunately, midges are on manoeuvres too, just waiting for an unsuspecting ankle to nibble the moment the sun goes down. Even Michelle Obama and daughters Sasha and Malia were attacked by them during their trip to Ireland last week.

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Is there anything you can do, other than dress in a spacesuit? Know your enemy, be prepared and you can win. First, you need to know where your adversary hangs out. This is where QM Ltd comes in. She is an expert on biting insects and runs Advanced Pest Solutions, a company that acts as a sort of midge MI5, keeping Britain’s shifting populations under surveillance. Blackwell is in charge of the Scottish Midge Forecast, a daily report on where the notorious Highland biting midge is planning to dine out. Advanced Pest Solutions also produces a map of expected hotspots across the whole of the UK.

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Coloured red for beware are, naturally enough, the Scottish Highlands and Islands but also part of the Scottish Borders and Galloway, the Lake District and a painfully large slice of Wales from Snowdonia down to the Brecon Beacons. The Pennines, the North York Moors, Dartmoor, bits of Northern Ireland and most of the rest of Wales get a lesser orange warning.

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This is not a reason to stay away from these places, but more a call to arms. Midges can detect carbon dioxide in your breath 200 metres away. They are attracted to dark clothing and love boggy ground, undergrowth, and gloomy, still conditions at the start and end of the day. So, put on your old cricket whites and head for breezy, sunlit hillsides with a packed lunch instead. And if you do get bitten, don’t dance around swearing. You’ll only broadcast your location by releasing more carbon dioxide.

A good splash of midge repellent will help – or follow the example of Scottish crofters. Traditionally they tied bog myrtle around their ankles. Today, savvy Highlanders have a new secret weapon: Avon Skin So Soft lotion. Finally, there’s an old adage: “Kill one midge and a thousand will come to its funeral.” Don’t listen – it depends how you do it. Kill it quietly with a precision jab of the forefinger and none of the others need know.

If you wonder where do they come from? Well, the red colored bloodworm present in your pond and your filters are the larvae of Midge Flies. There are several ways to do it:-

  1. Clean your pond and especially the filter chambers thoroughly and regularly. Definitely, this is time consuming and tiring……. as least for me.
  2. Timely application of medication such as Dimilin, parasite killer, Masoten etc that will kill the larvae. But regular usage of these medications are not good for the fishes in the long run. Need to exercise caution and care if this is the approach.
  3. Used a WATER BASED insecticide spray…to spray the filter materials and the top water in your filter chambers
  4. You can introduce water jets at the water surface of your filter chambers as the disturbance will reduce the egg laying activities by the adult Midge Flies.
  5. Change your traditional filtration to a bead or enclosed filtration system……. being a closed filtration system, the Midge pupae will not have a chance to transform to adult flies…
  6. Another way is use mosquito trap to catch and kill them. QM mosquito trap will be a good.

QM Mosquito Trap

How do QM mosquito traps attract and kill midges? Midges are as same as mosquitoes that are first attracted to a trap by smell. They can smell CO2 around 100 feet from a trap and start to fly towards the source. Next Octenol and Lactic Acid start to be perceived around 50 feet. As the insect continues toward the source, the color, lights and apparent movement in some mosquito traps add more attractants.

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Why is QM mosquito trap better than the other? The shape, size, color and height of the mosquito machine can make a huge difference. So does the amount of CO2, octenol and/or lactic acid released. Some frequencies of lights work better than others. The way the fans are designed to draw them in makes a big difference. Finally, placement of the devices is very important. A good trap in the wrong location will not be effective. MBOX mosquito trap uses a new and highly effective method to catch mosquitoes. First we have to understand that only female mosquitoes need blood (protein) in order to lay eggs. Female mosquitoes track their victim through CO2 up to a range of 50meters, combined with the sense of smell of H2O, female mosquitoes are very effective in tracking their victim.