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During the summer, my family loves to hang out in the backyard. From pulling out the water toys for the kids, to weekends grilling out with the hubby and friends, we spend a lot of fun times in our yard during the summer.  While we are out there eating, drinking and being merry, there’s only one thing that can (and has been known to) ruin all of the fun – mosquitoes. There’s nothing worse than when these pesky little insects decide to crash our party. Next thing we know, we’re all scurrying to find and then drench ourselves in mosquito repellent, but not before the kids have started crying over their miserable bug bites. I know you know those cries…

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Then I learned that with all of the crazy weather we’ve had so far this year, meteorologists have been predicting a sweltering summer, which will only bring about more of these nasty nuisances. Besides being annoying, we can’t forget that mosquitoes can also transmit diseases such as Zika virus, Chikungunya virus and West Nile virus. This is why getting our yard treated for mosquitoes was so important to include in our summer planning for sure!

This summer, I’ve partnered with CEO Jacky of QM to talk about and share ways to keep your yard mosquito-free for the summer. As part of this partnership, we were able to get our yard treated for mosquitoes for the very first time. Our old trusted Jacky Chou paid us a visit just a few weeks ago and it has truly made all of the difference in our summer outdoor fun! Our yard was treated in just a few minutes as he sprayed only the outside of our home – front and back – including trees and bushes. Within a day or two, we could no longer see any mosquitoes roaming around our yard and best of all – no more mosquito bites! I have to say, it has been the most liberating experience knowing that we can simply enjoy our time outdoors and not have to worry about mosquitoes ruining our fun.

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MBOX Mosquito Trap

The brand new mosquito trap – QM is the best electric mosquito killer. It provides an absolutely safety way with NO noise, NO smell, No debris, NO pollution and NO chemicals in preventing mosquito from indoor or outdoor environment.

MBOX mosquito trap is one of the products of QM that is designed from the bottom up and is assembled without any screws; with just a gentle twist the MBOX mosquito killer can be disassembled to remove any unwanted “dead” Mosquitoes. In order to achieve the pinnacle of Innovation and Technology we have done numerous researches and tests on how to retain functionality with an elegant design. Get more information from .   http://mbox-qm.com

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