Creating A Safe Learning Environment

Creating a classroom that is organized and that is characterized by mutual respect makes it a lot easier to teach effectively, and one of the most important things teachers can do to promote learning is to create classroom environments where students feel safe. If you’re using interactive approaches such as small groups and cooperative learning, it’s especially important to create a classroom where students feel safe asking questions and contributing to discussions.

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To establish and maintain a safe, healthy learning environment there are a number of rules and regulations that must be maintained and followed all the times. Teachers should provide a safe environment that will reduce injuries and promote safety. To believe that practicing to have a healthy and nutritious meal or snack, along with daily physical activities will prevent illnesses caused by viruses and bacteria.

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Students need to feel safe in order to learn. They need to feel secure in order to want to participate. There are a number of things teachers can do to set up classrooms that feel safe and well-organized.

Here are some tips:

First, be sure the classroom is clean, orderly, and inviting. Look at your classroom and ask yourself if it is a place that is distracting, or a place that encourages students to do their best. If there are papers on the floor or things falling out of desks, it is distracting.

  • Arrange your classroom so that you have all the resources you need – all the books, calculators and materials – right where you can find them, within easy reach, so that you never have to stop teaching or turn your back on your students.
  • Make it easy to supervise your students.
  • Organize the physical space of your classroom for movement and interaction. Make it easy for students to pull their desks together to do small group work. Set it up so that it is easy for you to walk around.  Your movement around the classroom helps make your teaching more engaging. It also helps with classroom control.
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