Chasing our Dream

Why did we develop the Mosquito Box.

Our main reason for developing the mosquito box has been started from a tragic story, a story that turned into a dream to be able to protect the people around you from mosquito diseases. With our population increasing and with more and more people living in dense urbanized environments, the effective indoor mosquito traps are all out-dated.

So we went back to the drawing board, incorporated research and innovations from the last few years to develop the new generation of smart mosquito traps that are both eco-friendly and low-power usage to fit in the current society.

We will continue the fight! And need your Help!

Our mission and our wish are to protect people from mosquito borne diseases and help people that have caught these terrible diseases. Our Company QM Limited has a long history of fighting against mosquitos in Hong Kong and we are proven to develop effective traps. But this is only our first step, now when we have the solution we would like to go world-wide. We will invest a part of our profit to help the research and the fight against mosquitos; we are planning to work with governments to place new traps to protect their citizens.

But this is a fight, we cannot fight alone. Mosquitos are becoming more and more dangerous everyday with viruses mutating. Mosquitoes are already the world deadliest animal that kills over 750.000 people a year. We have to stand together and fight this deadly and invisible enemy, both with our traps and investment in the research and development. Thank You

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